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Was fascinated to hear from cxb the other night of the Fahsionista's Afternoon Tea served at The Berkeley in UK. Instead of the normal scones and finger sandwiches, it offers an interesting selection of cakes with names like Yves Sant Laurent pink bow vanilla fancy handbag, Marc Jacobs cassis and blackberry frilly macaroon, and Burberry Prorsum Red ginger boot biscuit. Go here for the full menu. A perfect afternoon tea spot after the shopping rounds at Harvey Nics et at in Knightsbridge.

Definitely one of my must visit destination next time I visit... btw this is also where Petrus is located - Marcus Wareing the head chef is one of Gordon Ramsay's protege, known for his sensational sauce. Gordon Ramsay also has a upscale cafe here, which I haven't had the chance to visit yet.

At The Caramel Room, The Berkeley, Knightsbridge London
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  • CXB
  • That's some v. "babewatch" and risque bites from the confiserie, oh, i mean the couturier...