A young rider competing in the first session

No no no, not me. I haven't even overcome my fear of falling yet, let alone entering myself into a proper dressage competition. Went to Lei Yue Mun Riding School to cheer for my friend T's first competition this morning. Was extremely impressed by how seriously everyone took the competition, with their full set of gear, and careful braiding of the horse's mane and tail with cute little ribbons. Didn't realise there were so many horse buffs in HK. Had an urge to sign up when I saw how satisfied and thrilled everyone looked after competing... although at the same time felt a bit embarrassed by my appalling riding skills... 

Here's a few interesting snapshots I took of the competition~

Transitions are made at the markers located all around the paddock

The mirror is for the riders to check out their seat when on the horse

Preparing for mounting onto the horse

Warming up the horses before the competition

Entering the arena

Medals and consolation chocolate prizes

Entrance to the stables

Am beginning to wonder if my fear is linked to my instructor... perhaps I should try another stable?

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  • nei ho ging ar!!!<br />
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