Confession time~ yes I am addicted to Sudoku. When I popped by Waterstone's or WHSmith in London, masses of Sudoku related puzzle books were displayed prominantly near the entrance. Apparently it's been all the craze in London for some time. I picked up a few Sudoku handbooks to give to my friends in HK as souvenir and left them at home by mistake. One day when I got home and saw my mom obsessed, and soon after, Sudoku puzzles have appeared in most local newspaper and magazines here too.

It's an extremely simple game - fill the grid so that every row or column includes all the digits from 1-9 only once, and every 3x3 includes the set of 1-9 digit too.

There are various levels of difficulty, and so far I haven't been able to tackle the "evil" level...  have found that it's easiest to do it on paper, as you can scribble pencil mark into the cells...

Here's a website that offers an online version~

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