Londoners would remember Vingt-Quartre on Fulham Road, a fave late night haunt esp for those of us who live around the area, as it was opened 24/7 and more importantly, was one of the very few places in London that served Banoffee Pie (and really good one as well)... close to the K bar, many minor celebrities & royalties also frequented the cafe, including Prince Charming Harry. Here in Hong Kong, unless one is up for some Tsui Wah, kebabs and the hot dog stand close to the escalator have always been the only alternatives. Good news is, recently, two 24/7 cafes have opened near LKF, Cafe O close to Backroom, and also The Flying Pan on Old Bailey. I dropped by for a visit this past sunny Sunday to try out their all day breakfast.

Got a bit worried when I saw groups of people gathering round outside the busy diner waiting for tables. Luckily, the hostess quickly seated us at the bar, while the bigger groups had to wait for another ten to twenty minutes, as the whole place could only seat around 50 at most. As one would expect, various combinations of breakfast food items like ham, bacon, eggs, and sausages dominated the menu, in addition to omelettes and steak varieties.

My friend opted for the Fried Eggs with Chicken Sausauge set, served with an English muffin. Two additional side dishes are served with the set, and we chose fresh fruit and spiced apples. My friend raved about how good the quality, especially of the chicken sausauge, which was tasty without being too greasy.

I debated long and hard between the pancakes, french toast, and waffles, and in the end, chose the pancakes, paying for an additional portion of banana (+HK$7). Used to the MacD's dull variety, this was far superior and I'd highly recommend ordering this homemade-like version any time of the day. My complaint would be that they were a bit stingy with the banana, giving me less than a quarter worth of a banana but charging me three times the market for one I could get at the supermarket.To compensate, bottles of blueberry/ strawberry jam and also maple syrup were given to you for spreading over the pancakes. I pinched my friend's spcied apple to eat with my pancake, and acutally preferred this to eating with the banana!

The bill came to just less of HK$150 for two, including drinks (non-alcoholic), and I'd agree this was on the steep side. However, The Flying Pan still gets the thumbs up and return business from me, given the high quality of greasy spoon that we had on the day of our visit. Note that reviews from my friends in general have been mixed, citing erratic service, volatile quality and the long waits as some of the reasons. If only they'd serve banoffee pie...

The Flying Pan, Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong

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