Lack of restaurant choices was one of our top complaints when we first moved into IFC2... but slowly and gradually, building mgmt has outfitted the shopping mall with quite a selection of high-end restaurants, geared primarily to the corporate customers. Harlan's is definitely one of them. With its magnificent view of the harbour in the long rectangular shaped restaurant and modern, sleek decor, it sure deserves its popularity amongst those to see and be seen.

One would definitely feel Harlan's presence in the restaurant, of Aberdeen Marina Club fame, he is not a head chef that just hides in the kitchen, but likes to mingle with the guests, sharing his recommendations and daily highlights.

Eating out @ Decadent livin'

On our recent lunch visit, every single one of us opted for the set lunch, with the focus on the appetizer buffet on display right at the entrance area. Similar to Isola, Harlan's offers relatively large selection of fresh produce like parma ham with melon, salads, salmon appetizer in a spoon, and even sushi and maki rolls... this received the thumbs up from us~ with the only complaint being we filled ourselves up with too much too quickly.

Both of the mains, pasta with duck ragout and roast chicken, were well executed and appreciated for its flavour. One of Harlan's reason for success, it seems, is the high quality it maintains throughout. Was told by someone recently (although left unverified) that Harlan is one of the few chefs that actually work on a Sunday, ensuring topnotch quality both in terms of food and service.

Eating out @ Decadent livin'

Dessert sounded intriguing on paper- Tung's surprise. As it turns out, it was a mille feuille-styled chocolate dessert that was so rich none of us managed to finish the whole thing~ regrettably...


Eating out @ Decadent livin'

Set lunch for three came to just over HK$800, which does seem a bit steep. Still firmly believe that the set lunches are much better for value than the a la carte menu, which, to me, seems to be pricing on the excessive side. To be fair, many have told me otherwise and are devout regulars at this joint. I'd probably return, more for the lunches than dinners...

Continue in my search for affordable lunch joints within IFC complex~ please do share your findings...

Harlan's, Shop 2075, IFC Mall, Central

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