After K & P came back from their honeymoon, K called me up and claimed she had brought back some "goodies" from Singapore for me to try~ Black Pepper Crab Cookies. I was pretty sure at that point that she was mistaken, and was somehow mixing up her passion for Black Pepper Crab with her love for cookies. She was adamant that she was right, and stubbornly so was I.

Luckily this was easily resolved, as our offices are only four floors apart, so I immediately popped downstairs to collect the souvenir from her.

As it turned out, this was one of those rare blue moon occurrences when~...she was right. Indeed, it said Black Pepper Crab Cookies on the tin. There were only five pieces left, and to me, that was more than enough, as am not really a cookie person. I was planning to pass it on to my colleagues after trying one.

However, I was hooked after half a slice, and before I knew it, I cleaned out the whole tin. This was much more to my taste than the buttery cookies from Jenny's Bakery that everyone adores in HK.

So last night I was telling others that they should go there and buy this Black Pepper Crab Cookies when they next return to Singapoer. And obviously - no one believed me. So here, photos of the tin, which I have saved to prove to the others. This post is for those that I had dinner with last night, to show that I have not gone mental.

The V Tea Room
The Esplanade, Singapore

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  • CXB
  • I've in my iMac a wallpaper in which i successfully plied Natalie P's head to Pamela A's generality with Photoshop...

    My point is... photos of empty tin is pointless. u proved no nothing! Eating is Believing... feed me and I shall believe u.
  • shirls
  • will definitely save you a tin when i next headover...