Yesterday, I went to J's hospital to remove my upper left wisdom tooth (#28) not because it was causing me pain, but because it was coming out at a weird angle that could result in food trappings difficult to remove after each meal. J thought it would only take ten minutes to remove it.

In the end, it took thirty minutes and involved much hammering with a mallet. 

As it turned out, my tooth was enormous - it had four crowns versus the usual two or three. Or at least, that's the excuse that J gave me for taking so much longer.

I was given the tooth in a little transparent container as a souvenir - it was extremely gross, with bits of meat still attached to the tooth. I brought it back to the office to show everyone, but obviously apart from myself, not many were interested.

Wait that's not the part of the story I want to share.

When I came back to work today, the tooth was GONE.

Who would have stolen a bloody tooth like that? I feel as if a part of my body (which it was at one part) stolen.

To compound the unhappiness, my left cheek is swollen like an egg.

*ETA*: I found the tooth, at someone else's cubicle... must have been the cleaners that moved it around (or so I hope).

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  • chaxiubao
  • maybe the wisdom tooth does has wit and so was too embarrassed to stand the toothy gawking befallen to it inside the transparent container... anyways, welcome back!
  • shirls
  • thank you! and do visit often please...