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K found out R was a vegetarian at our dinner gathering on Sunday, and said we must try Pure Lotus during our stay in Beijing. K's boyfriend is a strict vegetarian and this is his fave restaurant in Beijing... to be honest I was highly sceptical at how great a chinese veggie place could be, I mean, I do like going to Kung Tak Lam every once in a while, but still... especially since by going to Pure Lotus, this had dashed my hopes of visiting Dadong Kaoya for its legendary peking duck...

Pure Lotus is situated in a hidden corner of Chaoyang district, and our taxi driver had a lot of difficulty finding the place. My suggestion would be to call up the restaurant when you get onto a taxi and ask them to give the driver the instructions direct - this almost always worked. After a number of frustrating turns, we finally arrived, dishevelled, at the serene and calm Buddhist veggie Pure Lotus.

We immediately ordered a few drinks to quench our thirst - E opted for the special yam juice for men, which supposedly is good for vitality and virility... why he needs this drink when his girlfriend is all the way back in the states beats us! K's order of carrot juice, whilst looking green (the middle one), actually tasted like a proper carrot juice. My beetroot mix was I think the best of the bunch.

This is vegetarian pan fried salmon fillet - omg - it looked and tasted so real that everyone kept asking if this really was a vegetarian dish... this was M's fave. I normally do not like the "wannabes" of the world, ie the fake meat dishes, but this was much better than norm, and I enjoyed it very much. 

How good can a vegetable hand roll be? As it turns out, this was the highlight of the evening, both in terms of taste and visual display - in fact, so much so that it was voted best dish of the night by us by a wide margin. As you can see, the ingredient list was very simple - strawberries, green leaves, crunchy carrot, walnut, and some fake ham wrapped in a seaweed. Its greatness is because Pure Lotus used only the freshest of ingredients and served immediately when prepared - the seaweed wrap was so crispy fresh that we could hear each other's chewing! (granted, we were in a private room) A yummy salad dressing round off this perfect dish.

The other dishes were very well prepared as well - E and D kept saying how out of this world the "fake" hamburgers were... they even tasted greasy like the real ones! 

Of course we couldn't forget to order dumplings, our staple food in Beijing... in comparison these were much plainer than the rest of the dishes.

The dessert was a spectacular chocolate fondue with a colorful platter of fresh fruit slices ~ we couldn't think of a better way to round off such a great meal...

... until the waiter brought us the grand finale of watermelon slices served on ice... quite a scene as D and E tried to stop the steam from escaping...

Am really glad that we did come to Pure Lotus in the end, was more than pleasantly surprised by how refreshingly delicious everything was, especially in China, were the chefs tend to be a bit heavy-handed in the MSG and flavour. Was told recently that this place is so successful that they have opened a second branch!

To save you some time, just call up the restaurant when you get onto the taxi and ask them to direct your taxi driver, as the address is pretty obscure.

Pure Lotus 净心莲 Vegetarian Restaurant 
Chatoyant District, No.10 Agricultural Exhibition Hall, Beijing 


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