According to the SCMP, the first Krispy Kreme in HK will open its doors on August 8 at Lee Garden Road in Causeway Bay.

They will be making 2,000 glazed donuts a day. Everyday.

Sickly sweet and greasy, there's 200 calories packed in every one of these little devils.

I like donuts these days, once I realise the large selection there is when compared to the boring ol' jam donut we used to get at school in UK. I know, the true connoisseurs (like ms hkfoodie) have their fave brand or chain~ I am a bit more indiscriminate and like them all.

In fact, just this week, I have eaten four big ones already (my colleague brought back half a dozen from Dunkin' Donuts in Seoul on Mon). 

Definitely look forward to Krispy Kreme's landing~ wonder when others will follow?

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  • i wish someone would open a krispy kreme in taipei! they opened a dunkin donuts, but i heard they tweaked it for taiwanese palettes already. boo