I *heart* hairy crab - my fave type of crustacean. But after the memorable yellow-oil crab extravaganza we enjoyed last year, I now look forward to the short window of time (now!) when yellow-oil crab is in season. We recently headed back to Fu Sing (富聲) to savour this year's catch...


Unfortunately I forgot my camera (absolute horror), so the above pic is re-pasted from the original entry last year. 

Because it is now too cumbersome for T to tackle the crab pieces with her new braces, we decided to order yellow-oil crab congee instead. Also, for our own health concerns, instead of a full-on feast, we opted to just order the normal dishes alongside the congee this time. Quality of the dishes was on par with the high standard that Fu Sing has maintained, but the star of the night was undoubtedly the yellow-oil crab congee~

The congee was infused with a faint golden yellow color, even though the crab pieces floating inside were still filled to the brim with soft crab roe. Was pleasantly surprised to find that there was plenty of fresh tasty meat in the crabs too. Utterly decadent and fatteningly satisfying. 

In spite of this dish being the last one served, we all finished two big bowls bottoms-up of congee~ and had more than half a crab each. Even W, who is normally pretty critical (!) and is trying yellow-oil crab for the first time in her life, gave it a two thumbs-up (which I must guarantee you, is a rare occurrence).


Before it goes out of season...

Here's the original entry for those who need more convincing~ yellow-oil crab extravaganza

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