Given there's only a handful of readers that drop by this blog occassionally, every single comment counts tremendously. After the recent burst of productivity, I am receiving "complaints" over the large vacuum that exists between the half-finished Hokkaido trip to the latest Beijing adventures...

Let me tell you I take this very seriously. Hence, Libra in nature, thought it's best to balance your views... which of the following are your preferred topics?

Destination write-ups on:
        - Beijing
        - Singapore
        - US
        - Hokkaido
        - & random stuff on Nepal, Khao Lak, and Europe that I never managed to update

Or, would you prefer more write-ups on the restaurants in HK?

Would love to hear your thoughts~ any thoughts!

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  • chaxiubao
  • I think I gonna freak out. What makes a blackhole segue into a<br />
    supernova in less than a week, huh? So surreal...<br />
    And now write-ups on demand?!?!<br />
    It definitely sounds like a heavyweight world champion yelling<br />
    in the ring "who wanna be my next punchbag?" with panache!<br />
    Among the list, which part of the US? Preferrably NYC or the Bay<br />
    Area, coz' I'll probably say pass if it's Texas or Alaska. <br />
    Anyway, I'll prefer Beijing & Hokkaido, coz' it's less covered<br />
    in English blogsphere, right? <br />
    <br />
  • BB
  • I think Beijing and the US would be top of my list on <br />
    preferred write-ups as they seem a little more <br />
    relevant for me. Obviously, I'd be more than happy to <br />
    read about the new/good restaurants in HK as well. <br />
    Still waiting for the write-up on the Japanese <br />
    retaurant in Wanchai that you mentioned a while ago.
  • marjorie
  • Of course I'd like to read all but if I have to <br />
    choose, I want to read about your trips to Singapore <br />
    and US. Really enjoy your blog!
  • shirls
  • Thanks guys! =)
  • Mono
  • Hey,<br />
    love your food write-ups about HK... especially about <br />
    the less unknown or local favourites.
  • MD
  • I also vote for Beijing - keep your chin up Shirls, we <br />
    are still reading