B was feeling sporty but more importantly was taking pity on me so agreed to join me on a short hike on HK Island one bright Sunday morning.

We met up at Parkview and decided to just do a hike up Violet Hill (438m) and then hike back down to Wong Nei Chung Reservoir Park, which is a pretty easy walk. Was originally gonna go all the way to Stanley via the challenging Twins peak but decided against it as we both were still rather sleepy at ten in the morning.

The weather, am pleased to say, has finally cooled down to a more acceptable level for Autumn, at around twenty one to twenty three degrees C... it was an extremely pleasant walk.

Check out my cool Scarpa hiking boots, which I bought from Snow & Sun in London... wasn't aware of how heavy they were until I removed them after the hike. Walking in sneakers felt like walking on air!

We marvelled at how easy it is that one could get away from the skycrapers of HK into the hills and the vast greenery... the air was crisp and definitely much fresher... here, we are looking back at the Parkview from the top of the Violet HIll.

The morning hikers were extremely friendly, greeting everyone that passes by with a smile and a hello. The first time I went up these hills, was totally lost (which is quite laughable considering there's only one route in general) and kept having to ask for directions. People were chatty and approachable, which makes me feel that it is even safe enough for one to go on his/her own on such hikes. However, my friends quickly dissuade me from doing so, citing the many II (illegal immigrants) and robbers on the move. Fair point.

The best would be going on a morning hikie with a group of friends that are all hiking enthusiasts, by the time you reach Repulse Bay or Stanley, it'd probably be the right time for a leisurely brunch. A great way to wind down over the weekend after a hectic week!

Am gonna try the Violet Hill/Twins route this weekend - wish me luck =) !

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  • vivifang
  • Wow....<br />
    It looks great and attracts me!<br />
    I believe that I can get more fun <br />
    in HK. ^_^
  • shirls
  • Vivi,<br />
    <br />
    Totally! I just went again this <br />
    past weekend and we had tea in <br />
    Stanley~ very nice... it's just <br />
    the right weather for going on <br />
    hikes! You wanna join? ;p