This is the truth of my sad living - while I pretend to be enjoying the high life of eating out at the hottest and trendiest restaurants all the time, I actually spend most of my day and night in the office. I recently took a tally on my daily intake - and realised how pathetic it is. 

B: Tuna bun & choco milk L: Chicken spaghetti & Milk tea D: Pork ribs with veg rice & milk tea

Comment: The recently opened Cafe De Coral takeout branch at Airport Express is now our favourite joint - the spaghetti was really good. The pork ribs was extremely oily though... felt like I was drinking oil.
B: Home-made macaroni L: Expensive CitySuper sushi D: Cup noodle

Comment: While it is much healthier to bring food from home, I find it troublesome. After enjoying the $$$ sushi at lunch (HK$62), I decided to save on dinner and had cup noodle instead.
B: Fish & eggs with milk tea L: Chicken spaghetti D: Mug noodle

Comment: Another plus of Cafe De Coral is that it opens for biz at 7am, allowing me to have ample time to reach the office by 7.30. Had the delicious spaghetti again for lunch and a sad small mug noodle.

You see, while blessed with the stunning seaview of the IFC buidling, we are cursed in the food department. There are many choices for posh nosh, like Isola, Sen ryo, Harlan's, which all cost at least HK$200 per head for lunch. However, for the under HK$100 bracket, there's almost no selection, apart from Canteen, McD's, and Pret/ Mix. 

What makes  this such an ordeal is that Canteen food is absolutely horrendous. I just don't get why, because the one at Prince's Building is of a much better quality. Given that I practically eat/ live/ sleep in the office these days, it is not uncommon for me to have fast food for all three meals. My mouth is dry and sore from all the fried food and MSG that I have been eating all this year.

Would pay for information if you know of any great healthy wholesome food destination that is close to the IFC area - priced at HK$80 or less!!!
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  • hkfoodie
  • Whoa, your fastfood diet sounds <br />
    really terrible...are you getting <br />
    enough vitamins, minerals, and <br />
    fresh fruits and veggies?<br />
    <br />
    you poor thing...
  • shirls
  • Yah you have a v good point, will <br />
    check on the supplements~ <br />
    thanks!!! =)
  • hkfoodie
  • After your rave about the chicken <br />
    spaghetti at Cafe de Coral, I had <br />
    to try it out for myself at lunch <br />
    today, even though I generally <br />
    despise the food here.<br />
    <br />
    Its actually really not bad. I <br />
    was impressed with the reasonably <br />
    tasty tomato sauce (with <br />
    pumpkin!), and especially with the <br />
    serving of fresh veggies on the <br />
    side: broccoli and cherry <br />
    tomatos. I thought the chicken <br />
    was on the salty side, and the <br />
    spaghetti was too soft, but <br />
    overall this has lifted my <br />
    impression of fastfood at CdC.
  • shirls
  • Am glad you like the spaghetti <br />
    too... agree it's not the best, <br />
    but definitely WAY better than the <br />
    limpy chicken tagliatelle I had <br />
    today from where else~ Canteen!