Am a milk tea addict - the Chinese local diner's style, "Chachanteng version" - in general I down at least three to four cups of milk tea a day. This is the full strength original, using condensed milk and black tea brewed with broken egg shells, not the watered down Western version. I generally buy them at meal times, one at breakfast, one at lunch, one in the afternoon and one at dinner. This is the bare minimum. Sometimes when my colleagues order breakfast after I have enjoyed mine, they'd always be kind enough (!) to swing in an extra milk tea for me.

My craving is so bad that on the occasional mornings when I didn't have time to buy my milk tea, I would be grumpy and edgy and whining non-stop to the people sitting around me about the lack of my morning brew. Sometimes they'd get so frustrated or tempted that they'd order a couple to be delivered to the office. 

Many times I have tried to stop - but every time I get sucked in again after a mere sip. For example, I lived without it for 5 days last month when travelling and was perfectly fine. But then once I got back to HK, I just had to have my usual.

Have always been told that it is bad for your health. According to this chinese website , it is rich in 1. sugar, 2. fat, 3. calories, and no nutrients at all - in short - total junk food that is no better than fries (which I also like). My motivation this time is not because of health (could never do it for health), it's more the knowledge that I will have to go for 16 days without in November and I do not want to suffer from withdrawal symptoms then...

K, this is my umpteenth time to cut it out so am not hopeful - am trying to cut it down to one cup a day at most. And this includes ALL varieties - instant, Earl Grey, local 奶茶, Indian chai, Thai iced milk tea ...

Am posting this resolution up so that those of you who know me can stop me from getting my morning/ lunch/ afternoon/ dinner/ supper cuppa if you see me sneaking to the nearest fast food joint... please - HELP ME!

Oct 1 - 3 奶茶
Oct 2 - 4 奶茶
Oct 3 - 1 奶茶
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