Here's an entry from the previous food blog that HKFoodie and I started... glimpsed through it and seems most of the suggestions remain appropriate for this summer. Take advantage of the fantabulous weather that has re-emerged recently!

@ the beach... in HK August 23, 2004

With summer flying by and gloom weather abound... here's a selection of restaurant/ food suggestions for when your stomach starts grumbling while lazing around various beaches in HK...

@ Shek-O -
Black Sheep People say this hideaway restaurant is great for romantic dates or trysts... I enjoyed the hearty portions from the eclectic menu... food is good, but not mind-blowing... (July 2005 update: Black Sheep's closing down is definitely a loss for the area, given it is one of the very few Western resturants around Shek O and Big Wave Bay. Have heard, however, that a cool outdoor cafe has opened in Big Wave Bay~ haven't had a chance to check it out yet...)

Quite a few open-air Thai and Vietnamese restaurants around also that I have tried... just go in any one of those... quality from average to good

@ Repulse Bay & South Bay - The dependable & reasonably priced South-East Asian fare and excellent service and relaxed atmosphere makes Spices a trusted Repulse Bay haunt.

Could also consider Victoria City for dependable dim sum... but would skip Y-on the bay myself (didn't enjoy the buffet deal at all)... see Verandah in another entry, and somehow I always favor the McD's here...

@ Sai Kung - Of the gazillion seafood restaurants, quite a few are owned by common owners... Tung Kee and Chuen Kee are the two that I frequent, but frankly, don't see much of a difference, recommended for big group gatherings... adore the huge pepper salt scampi!

In one of the sidestreets (sorry can't be more specific) is a great Chechemin store that can more than satisfy your hunger after one of your wakeboarding outings... it's so popular that it owns the store opposite too...

@ Stanley - Lucy's ~ Winner of many Dish Awards, this cosy small restarant is hidden amongst Stanley's shopping area... fresh ingredients and simple cooking make reservations a must for most weekends...

Was pleasantly surprised by the interesting menu and good food at the mega The Boathouse... we tried the summer seafood menu (HK$500 for 2, or HK$200 per head for 4 or above), which could satisfy 3 easily... the mixed platter format for all courses (apart from the soup) makes it great for sharing... I head for King Ludwig for its German fare too...

Feel free to offer your suggestions for my next sunbathing trip (my "darker => slimmer" theory will likely remain untested this summer)...

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  • Exiled
  • Recently read a column in a Chinese newspaper (Eastern Canada<br />
    edition) recommending several restaurants in HK for their<br />
    signature dishes. One of them is in Shek-o with the name 'Lok<br />
    Yuen' (direct translation in meaning is Happy Garden) Their<br />
    curry crab, according to the article, is the best in HK as the<br />
    crab is full of meat and very tasty and the curry sauce is just<br />
    perfect in terms of tast, flavor and thickness. Maybe it is just<br />
    the personal opinion of the writer. Next time when you are in<br />
    the area, please find out if he is right.
  • shirls
  • Hi Exiled, I think I know which restaurant the article was referring <br />
    to - yup, definitely one of the better ones for Southeast Asian food <br />
    around the area. I was pleasantly surprised as well by the <br />
    excellent quality of its curry. A must-try there - the Naan bread, <br />
    which is prepared fresh and right in front of you~ the aromatic <br />
    buttery flavour actually fills up the entire restaurant. We weren't <br />
    gonna order it (as we opted for rice) but the friendly owner kept <br />
    insisting that we needed to try it... turns out he was right!<br />
    <br />
    Another popular one is called Chung Tai for its Thai food.. <br />
    especially popular with foreigners.