Yes I confess, even for games, I somehow manage to steer myself towards those on food... here's two that I have enjoyed tremendously. (Click on the picture to launch the game)

"Cha Chan Tang" - Hong Kong style cafe

The first one involves running a traditional Hong Kong style cafe. You have to take customers' orders for toast, instant noodles, and drinks, making sure the toast, eggs, or sausages never get burnt (or you'd have to throw it away), while keeping all the customers happy.

"Dai pai dong" - Hong Kong style seafood restaurant

How apt considering I just headed to Sai Kung for seafood this weekend (see HKFoodie's write-up v soon). In this game you take charge of a traditional outdoor HK-style seafood restaurant, and have to prepare clams, crab, lobster etc for your very demanding customers. Once you have put the ingredients into the wok, make sure you attend to it by frying the food regularly, or else it gets burnt and cannot be served. .

Courtersy of Maggie Market

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