Was cleaning up my gmail account when I notice the following email from a "Wu Chong"~ while the name didn't register in my brain, I assumed this was from a real person and started reading it and discovered it was another con email and decided to expose him~ if you are reading this, Wu Chong (I suspect this is not your real name anyway) by chance, I know that I am no longer considered young, but am not old enough to be an aunt, ok? That obviously ticked me off...

I wonder what would happen if I indeed email him asking how I could pay that USD$60~ but really, I couldn't be bothered...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Wu Chong <WuC@ocbc.com.sg>
Date: May 18, 2005 2:58 PM
Subject: Thank you for the wreaths
To: Xxx

Thank you for the wreaths, aunt Xxx.
Sorry it's took so long to reply. The wreaths cost  USD$60. I Was out of the country for a while and had to settle some of my mother's stuff. She is now buried in Singapore, but I may shift her to Taiwan if I can find a good piece of land there because the burial land in Singapore is on rent from the Singapore government for 15 years only. 
Do call me if you come to Singapore, keep in touch.
Best Regards,
Wu Chong


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