NEWS FLASH~ Update on June 3~ For those interested, I got progressively MAD at the way I was treated by the custsomer services desk, and started calling my friends who have mastered the art of complaining asking for advice. In fact, one claimed he has gotten three free flights and numerous upgrades from this airline in the past by complaining at every single inconvenience. Anyway, to cut a long story short, today when they called me back and told me they're sorry about the incident and that it was very rare that it would occur WITHOUT offering any compensation, I got on the offensive and attacked them for the injustice and how unacceptable it was that someone else who went through exactly the same thing as I did and screamed at them afterwards managed to get an upgrade voucher. Finally they succumbed  and gave me the same thing... although keen to highlight that this is an exceptional situation. Cannot believe these people. Am seriously thinking my efforts at trying to renew my silver membership are really worthless. Am happy nonetheless with the voucher  Just proves that being "mean" has its advantages...

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How unfair is this? When we came back from Seoul, our flight was delayed by well over 2 hours and we landed in HK at like 00:45 in the morning. Obviously, that was way past Airport Express' bed time and we were told to wait for the one bus the airline had arranged for all the passengers, which was to depart in around 90 minutes' time.

At checkin at Incheon when we were told of the delay, we already highlighted that our workday starts at 7:15am in the morning, and getting back to HK as early as we could was was the top priority. Given two of us were silver members and that we were told there were plenty of seats available for both coach and biz, we requested for an upgrade, not because of the perk, but because we could have a much better rest than in coach. This was declined and we didn't make a big fuss about it at the time. However, we were outraged that another friend of ours who was catching the same flight was offered the option to take another flight that would get her back to HK by like 10:30pm at the latest. This was never even mentioned during our discussions.

We did reason with the lady sorting out the buses that could we take a taxi reimbursement, considering if we waited for the bus, we'd probably not get home until like three or four in the morning (the bus only stops at Causeway Bay so we'd have to scramble for taxis from there...). This was again, declined. We opted to take the taxi still and share the cost amongst the three of us because we were dead tired already...

But the worst has yet to come.

My two "dear" friends called up to complain afterwards about the whole treatment. One of them got an upgrade voucher for his next travel, and the other got free airmiles. I called up today and was offered a measly taxi reimbursement (which was taken back when I told them I didn't have the receipt). What's got me so MAD  is how different each of us were treated and how unfair that was. This is just unacceptable~ just by being a bit more forceful in your complaints you get an upgrade voucher, even though we were all subjected to the same delay?!!!

Have been a die hard devotee of this airline in the past in spite of its many faults~ can't say the same for the future!

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  • HK Foodie
  • So your upgrade voucher can be <br />
    used on any route offered by this <br />
  • shirls
  • Haha~ I wish... only for regional <br />
    flights (can go as far as Bali/ <br />
    Seoul). But he highlighted to be <br />
    many times that it's only when <br />
    seats are available. Oh and a <br />
    little tip~ everyone advised me to <br />
    use only English when calling CX <br />
    up... more efficient this way. <br />
    Discriminating I know, but it <br />
    worked... well, in the end.
  • HK Foodie
  • so its on standby basis, i take <br />
    it...well, still a nice little <br />
    treat to have, esp. on those 4-5 <br />
    hour flights
  • shirls
  • Oh no no no, when you make the <br />
    booking for ticket, you can <br />
    already request for the upgrade, <br />
    if the plane's full there <br />
    obviously you cannot get it. But <br />
    if there's space, then they will <br />
    confirm it for you there and <br />
    then. So not standby at all.
  • Edmund Ma
  • Screaming and pounding really work when complaining. Recently my<br />
    siblings and I were on a cruise in Europe. The lights in the<br />
    card room were dimmed at 8:30 p.m. making our playing of m-j<br />
    very difficult. First night one of my sisters complainted to the<br />
    Guest Relations and was told nothing could be changed because<br />
    intensity of lights would affect the atmosphere outside of the<br />
    card room. Next night I got really mad, screaming and yelling<br />
    at them with threats of making bad publicity for the cruise line<br />
    in Toronto as well as in HK. They gave in and turned up the<br />
    lights immediately. Next morning, the head of C.R called us with<br />
    apologies and let us use an executive meeting room to play at<br />
    night for the rest of the cruise.