Strolling round the Tokyo-like alleyways and checking out the trendy people on the street, we saw quite a few people popping into this shop with mysterious dark wood panels. Given we still had a bit of time before needing to get back to the hotel to get ready for my friend’s wedding, we decided to check out what this Gusttimo is all about…

Seoul food @ Decadent livin'

To our absolute delight, this was an Italian gelato shop, and we drooled, with starry eyes, all over the colorful and rich creamy gelatos on display. Wall exhibits indicate that the shop originated from Italy, although given it was all in Korean, it was rather hard to decipher. Our attention switched quickly back to the gelatos and even though we were absolutely stuffed (after pigging out at New York Fries & the Chicken Restaurant), there was not a single moment of doubt that we’d each order a cone.

Whilst we understand zilch Korean, there were friendly “props” in place to explain what each flavor was. A pumpkin was placed next to the pumpkin ice cream, and a box of creme caramel sat on top of the creme caramel flavored ice cream. I understood from the shop assistant that a few of the most popular brands are cream cheese, yoghurt, and tiramisu. Each cone, which sits three scoops comfortably plus a small cone placed inverted on top, costs W4,000 (~HK$30)… seems reasonable considering one cup from Ben & Jerry’s in HK would set you back for HK$27.

Seoul food @ Decadent livin'

I opted for the yoghurt, chocolat, and "cereal" flavours, and was pleasantly surprised by the contrast in flavours. The chocolate gelato felt sugar-free, tasting like pure cocoa powder with little bitterness, and unsurprisingly, did not go down well with the guys, although I enjoyed it very much. The yoghurt felt a bit like "Yakult" so was rather refreshing, while the "cereal" flavour was my absolute favourite. Smooth and creamy in texture as a gelato should taste like, there were bits and pieces of cereal pieces mixed inthe gelato, which added a bit of crunchiness to it. I particularly liked the small touch of including the tiny cone on top, which served as an edible spoon when scooping up the gelato.

Gusttimo, Apgujeong, Seoul

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