With only 45min to spare before the movie, we opted for a quick bite at Sabah in Wan Chai... been reading quite a few good reviews about the place's authenticity so was quite looking forward to it. It's difficult to miss right next to one of the more established nightspots (Neptune II) in the more hustle bustle area in Wan Chai. My review is quite mixed- a couple dishes exceeded expectations, while the rest were only soso...

We ordered quite a large selection - nonya squid, chicken masala, roti chanai, egg chanai, and nasi lemak. Nonya squid, the first dish to arrive (see picture), was very tasty and flavoursome, setting expectations high. The nasi lemak was also relatelively well received. However, the roti chanai and egg chanai failed to impress and were left largely untouched. Dry and not crispy enough, somehow it felt like the food had been prepared the night before. The chicken masala was a bit too oily and lacking in spices.

Eating out @ Decadent livin'

Teh tarik has always been one of my favourite drinks (along with a kaya toast), and at Sabah, it came with the usual made on the spot gimmick. The taste was quite disappointing~ a bit too sweet and not very silky and smooth in texture. Neither of us managed to finish our drink.

Eating out @ Decadent livin'

Overall, hardly a memorable meal, although judging by how busy the place is, it seems Sabah has found its niche amongst the locals. In fact, there were queues outside (which means you'd need to book in advance) and many people popping in to order takeaways. The bill came to HK$250~ quite reasonable for the amount of food we ordered... although I'd probably not be a frequent customer.

Sabah, 98-102 Jaffe Road Wanchai

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