Could never resist making a detour to Triple O's outlet in Great whenever I visited the food market or watched a movie in PP... the other day when catching The Pacifier in IFC, decided to try out the one new outlet at The Forum in Exchange Square~ massive disappointment.

Instead of my fave mushroom burger combo, opted for a BC burger combo set instead... we waited the usual 5-10 minutes for the burgers to be prepped, which normally is a good sign of freshly prepared food~ big mistake~ when I grabbed my first french fries, it was indeed piping hot and yums~ but within 5 minutes it got cold and soggy, tasting just like your microwaved reheated sad blob. A french fries fanatic like myself (I had a small McD's fries for afternoon snack for a month consecutively every day and only stopped after watching Super Size Me) couldn't even bring myself to finish the whole packet. While the burger was ok, somehow we both left over half of it uneaten...

Have been told many times that the Vancouver branches are much better than the HK ones~ will try and decide that for myself if and when my Whistler trip does materialise one day~

Wonder if the quality varies due to inexperienced staff or it was just a bad day, but I know I won't be back for a while~  at least not to this branch.

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